EFI H1625-SD

The new EFI H1625-SD is a 65-inch wide hybrid UV inkjet printer that offers superior image quality and adhesion to corrugated and thermo formable plastics at production speeds. This affordably priced printer is ideal for premium thermoformed and corrugated plastic signage applications.

Using true eight-level variable drop grayscale technology, the H1625-SD delivers stunning images, durable prints, and optimized ink usage. This environmentally-friendly printer produces minimal VOC levels compared to solvent-based printers and less heat than latex, reducing owner energy costs.

  • Prints direct to a wide range of thermo formable plastics
  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming screen or hand painting processes, or pre-printing and laminating to formable plastics
  • Delivers near-photographic image quality with four colors plus white standard and eight-level variable drop grayscale printing capability
  • Allows you to take on higher-volume corrugated plastic sign jobs or deliver fast turnarounds on custom thermoforming applications with production-level printing
  • Graphics printed with EFI SuperDraw UV Inks are ideal for high- elongation thermoforming applications, such as outdoor signage, POP signs and displays, day/night backlit signs, promotional products, beverage lights and signs, vending and gaming panels, and much more.

Valkoinen väri: Kyllä, kaksi kanavaa vakiona
Max. tulostusleveys: 165 cm
Resoluutio: 1200 dpi, 4 tai 8 harmaansävyn tasoa
Max. nopeus: 42.3 m²/h

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